We understand how stressful it can be when moving home or relocating an office, and we also understand how difficult it can be when things don’t quite go to plan and you need to find somewhere to store your furniture and goods quickly.

At Storage-Storage Ltd, we want to reassure you that moving your goods and belongings into, and out, of our storage areas is as smooth as possible.

Trying to calculate how much storage space you require can be mind-boggling and often customers who do not use our simple to use the self-storage size guide will either under-estimate the number of items to store or over-estimate and only use up half the space leased, especially so if your items are bulky and oversized.

If you do find that you have over or under-estimated the space required, let us know and we will be happy to assist in finding you the right storage space for your needs.

Use our simple to use self-storage guide below to estimate the space you will require, but if you are still unsure or simply need advice, a member of our staff will always be willing to advise you.

Number of BoxesRecommended Unit SpaceNotes
100 – 150 Boxes35-50 sq.ft1 Bed Apartment would generally fill 100 to 150 boxes which would fill 35-50 Sq. ft of self-storage – around the size to fill a long wheelbase transit van
150 – 300 Boxes75 – 100 sq.ft2 Bed Apartment would generally 150-300 boxes filling 75-100 Sq. ft of self-storage which is around the size to fill a Luton Van
300 – 450 Boxes100 – 150 sq.ft3 Bed house would generally fill 300-450 boxes filling 100-150 Sq. ft of self-storage around the size to fill a 7.5 Ton Van
450 – 600 boxes150 – 200 sq.ft4 Bed house would generally fill 450-600 boxes filling 150-200 Sq. ft of self-storage around the size to fill a 20ft truck