Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things in life, with the majority of people asked saying that moving home was worse than a divorce or relationship breakup. But it doesn’t have to be, with efficient use of self-storage facilities, moving home can be smooth sailing.

When moving house, self-storage can help you to save time and reduce stress and may increase the sale price of your old home. Using self-storage to declutter your house prior to putting it on the market will give prospective buyers a greater opportunity to visualise the potential of the property and not get distracted by your belongings. Using self-storage can also help you to declutter, by allowing you to plan the move in orderly stages, decluttering and getting rid of the stuff you no longer need.

In the event that there is an unforeseen problem on the day of the move, being able to put your belongings temporarily in storage allows you to generate a plan B without the worry of the security of your belongings whilst in limbo. And if your next home needs a bit of TLC before you move in, self-storage allows you to clear the area and not have to work around the furniture and risk damaging it with paint splashes.

1. You need to declutter before moving day

In the run-up to moving day, you’ll begin to appreciate just how much stuff you actually own! Thing’s you thought you lost a long time ago will reappear, random inanimate objects will bring back a raft of emotions of past memories. But this is not the time to reminisce, it’s time to get serious and prepare for the big day!

When decluttering it is best to bear in mind that removal companies charge by the hour which can quickly tot-up depending on how long it will take to pack up your belongings and how many journeys they will need to make. With this in mind, it makes sense to declutter your house as much as possible starting weeks if not months in advance of the moving date.

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2. You might find yourself ‘between houses’

For many homeowners, it can be easier to sell their own home first (or give notice on a tenancy agreement), and opt to rent a house or stay with family until they find and move into a new home. There are many reasons why buyers decide to follow this route as it enables them to sell their home quickly without having to be part of a chain and risk asking the buyers to delay and risk the sale falling through.

If this is an option you are considering, bear in mind that it is probable that your temporary accommodation may be smaller than you are accustomed to and may not have room for all of your furniture and property, particularly if it’s furnished or part-furnished.

Choosing the option to use self-storage is ideal in this situation as you can simply store away the things you do not need at this particular time whilst you find yourself between homes, such as out-of-season clothing, photo albums and books, in fact virtually everything except for your day-to-day essentials.

One thing to remember, when packing your things into self-storage, make sure that items that you may need at some point are stored at the front of the unit rather than having to frustratingly empty out the entire unit just to find your marriage or birth certificate.

3. The unforeseen

When moving house, you always envision it beforehand to run like a well-oiled machine, smoothly without a glitch. Unfortunately, this is rather rare and moving day can seem like utter chaos, with no rest right up until the last box is loaded into the removal truck (and that’s just the halfway point) timing is of crucial importance and doesn’t always go to plan, especially if you’re buying and there’s a chain with all manner of things which can impact each stage of your move. All it takes is for one person to have a problem with their mortgage approval or removals company double booking and it can all come crashing down like a house of cards! So what do you do if something unexpected goes wrong at the very last minute?

You should always have a Plan B up your sleeve.

If there’s a major problem, pack your absolute essentials in your car – money, ID, medication, phones and chargers and a spare change of clothes, children and pets (optional) – and stay in a hotel or with family and friends for a night or two until the problem can be resolved. Everything else can be safely secured away at self-storage for as long as you need until you can move into your new home at last.

The decision to move all of your items into self-storage should be made straight away at the first sign of trouble, otherwise, you may find yourself floundering with the removal men having an extended tea break whilst charging you by the hour.

Storage-Storage Ltd is always at hand to assist you when things go astray, simply give us a call and find out how quickly we can put your worries at ease.

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5. Your new home needs some TLC

Your new house never feels like your home until you have decorated it just the way you want it. Perhaps you are feeling a bit more adventurous than simply redecorating and planning on knocking down a wall or two to make the rooms bigger or intend on making a start at sanding down the 1980’s Artex someone slapped on the ceiling.

You will find it far easier, and safer if you make sure that all of the furniture is removed from the work area. Consider putting your belongings into self-storage, that way the house is empty, no damage to your belongings will occur and you can allow yourself to be a bit more vigorous with the paint roller without worrying about paint splashes.

6. Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

If you are moving abroad, heading off to University or perhaps relocating across the country for work, most people will decide to rent a property or sometimes digs and houseshare with like-minded people. This gives you time to investigate your new surroundings before finding something more permanent.

Putting your belongings into self-storage can be ideal as you don’t have to worry about moving them great distances, perhaps you are only planning to be away for a year or two and can do without for the time being until more settled, knowing that they are safe, dry and secure.