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Self-Storage Size Guide

Selecting the right sized self-storage container can be confusing, as it’s hard to gauge precisely how much space you need unless you have the exact measurements.

Use our self-storage size guide below to help choose the right space for the items you need to place in self-storage.

We are just a short phone call away, or, visit one of our self-storage sites in person to judge the space yourself. Our honest, experienced team will advise on the best way to pack your items and help you achieve an efficient loading and unloading process on the day of moving.

As a guide price, a 20ft container would cost £120.00 per month inclusive of VAT

< 0
100-150 Boxes

Approx: 35-50sq.ft

1 Bed Apartment would generally fill 100 to 150 boxes which would fill 35-50 Sq. ft of self-storage – around the size to fill a long wheelbase transit van

< 0
150-300 boxes

Approx: 75-100sq.ft​

2 Bed Apartment would generally 150-300 boxes filling 75-100 Sq. ft of self-storage which is around the size to fill a Luton Van

< 0
300-450 boxes

Approx: 100-150sq.ft

3 Bed house would generally fill 300-450 boxes filling 100-150 Sq. ft of self-storage around the size to fill a 7.5 Ton Van

< 0
450-600 boxes

Approx: 150-200sq.ft

4 Bed house would generally fill 450-600 boxes filling 150-200 Sq. ft of self-storage  around the size to fill a 20ft truck

40 sq. ft Self-Storage Unit

Our smallest sized containers are available to rent across all of our self-storage sites. We would recommend purchasing a small storage container if you’re in need of a secure solution for storing extra home or office furniture, work materials and stock.

Dimensions: 4ft 9ins wide, 7ft 10ins long and 7ft 8ins high (285 cubic feet)

  • Suitable for storing the furniture only from a one to two-bedroom property
  • Ideal for businesses looking for extra office storage space
  • Enough room to hold a small vehicle, such as a motorbike

50 sq. ft Self-Storage Unit

Slightly more generous than our smallest container, a 50 sq ft unit is more than adequate for customers who are looking for short or long term storage moving from a small home.

Dimensions: 6ft 10ins wide, 7ft 5ins long and 6ft 9ins high (342 cubic feet)

  • Perfect for storing the entire contents of a small house or flat
  • Suitable for holding small business stock, furniture and overflow items

80 sq. ft Self-Storage Unit

A medium-sized container can store the entire contents of a home or office space.

Dimensions: 7ft 10ins wide, 9ft long and 7ft 9ins high (546 cubic feet)

  • Store the contents of a one or two bedroomed house, including the furniture
  • Great for storing the content of a large office
  • Ideal for securing excess furniture
  • Perfect for holding exhibition materials and excess stock 

160 sq. ft Self-Storage Unit

Our large container (the biggest across all our sites) is perfect for people moving the entire contents from a large home or securing hefty items in a dry, weatherproof space.

Dimensions: 7ft 8ins wide, 19ft 3ins long and 7ft 9ins high (1144 cubic feet)

  • Holds the contents of a three to four bedroomed house, including large furniture
  • Ideal for securing large vehicles
  • Great for large office furniture 

Location, Location

We are situated in Barrow Hill between Chesterfield and Sheffield and close to the M1 Motorway

Secure Self Storage

We offer automated access with 24-hour access available with fully monitored security and floodlights

Flexible Self-Storage

New shipping containers which can be divided to offer a smaller storage area if needed. Internal storage rooms of different sizes are also available.

Choose your Size

Calculate the self-storage space you need using our handy guide. We have a range of rooms from 15 sq. ft up to 150 sq. ft

Choose Rental Period

Your rental period can be anywhere from 1 to 12 months, or indefinitely, with only a 14 day notice period to end the storage agreement.


Sit back and enjoy the new-found space your new self-storage will give you with complete peace of mind for as long as you need it.

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