What happens when I’m ready to move out?2021-12-22T15:22:36+00:00

When you’re ready to move out, just give us 14 days notice in writing, via email, in-store or over the phone. To make sure you don’t incur any charges, please leave your unit completely empty and clean, and remove your padlock.

Can I change the size of my storage space after moving in?2021-12-22T15:21:45+00:00

Yes. Subject to availability, you can alter the size of your unit at any time – just ask us.

Do I have to pay extra for 24 hour access?2021-12-22T15:21:23+00:00

No. Currently there is no charge for 24 hour access.

Can I choose to share access to my unit?2021-12-22T15:21:00+00:00

Yes. You can grant access to someone else as long as they are registered on your account.

What ID do I need to bring with me when setting up my contract?2021-12-22T15:20:19+00:00

For the security of our stores and our customers, it is vital that we know who has access to our units.

When signing the Storage Licence Agreement, personal storage customers need to provide:

  • Photo ID – such as a passport or driving licence
  • Proof of UK address – such as a bank statement or a utility bill for the current period (i.e. monthly or quarterly)
Do I have to sign a contract before moving in?2021-12-22T15:20:00+00:00

Yes. Before you move in, you’ll need to sign a Storage Licence Agreement and be issued with full terms and conditions of storage.

Why do I need a padlock?2021-12-22T15:19:46+00:00

For security reasons, only you are permitted access to your unit. Along with your access code for the gate, a padlock adds an extra level of security and enables you to give access to friends, relatives or colleagues as you choose. To legally gain access, they must be registered to your account first.


Is there CCTV on site?2021-12-22T15:19:02+00:00

Yes. Digital CCTV is present and operates 24 hours.

Why do I need insurance?2021-12-22T15:18:46+00:00

Insurance of your goods is a requirement under our terms and conditions, and those of all companies in the industry. The insurance cover must reflect the true value of the items being stored.

Can I store a vehicle?2021-12-22T15:18:02+00:00

Yes. We are able to accommodate for vehicles provided they fit within a container.

Can I store a fridge or freezer?2021-12-22T15:17:31+00:00

Yes. If your fridge or freezer has been cleaned, turned off and de-iced, you can store it on site.

Can I store a caravan?2021-12-22T15:17:14+00:00

No. We aren’t able to hold caravans. But we can store cars within containers.

Are there toilets on site?2021-12-22T15:16:38+00:00

Yes. Customer toilet facilities are available onsite during office opening times.

Can I choose to share access to my unit?2021-12-22T15:16:15+00:00

Yes. You can grant access to someone else as long as they are registered on your account and compliant with the storage terms and conditions.

Do any of the units have shelves?2021-12-22T15:15:54+00:00

No, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Please remember to remove the shelving at the end of your contract.

Do I have to store my items in boxes?2021-12-22T15:15:27+00:00

Not at all, you can store your items however you like during your lease. However, we do recommend using boxes simply to make the most of your space, ease of access to items and to reduce the risk of damage to your property from other items which you may have stored inside.

What size units do you provide?2021-12-22T15:15:08+00:00

We offer spaces from as little as 25 sq feet all the way up to 160 sq ft.

How do I pay for my storage?2021-12-22T15:14:48+00:00

We offer a number of payment options – You can pay with a monthly Direct Debit, or make payments using your credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Can I sleep in my unit?2021-12-22T15:14:13+00:00

No. This is not part of the Storage Licence agreement, and could be hazardous for you and other customers.

Can I use my unit for personal and business storage?2021-12-22T15:13:54+00:00

Yes! You can use your storage unit to store both business and personal items.

Is insurance compulsory?2021-12-22T15:13:34+00:00

Yes. Whilst in storage, insurance of your goods is a requirement under our terms and conditions, and those of all companies in the industry. The insurance cover must reflect the true value of the items being stored.

Does my storage quote include insurance?2021-12-22T15:13:19+00:00

No. Your quote includes rental and VAT, but not insurance. We can arrange insurance for you when you move-in.

Do I need to purchase insurance for my goods in storage from you?2021-12-22T15:12:57+00:00

We do not sell insurance. If your current insurance does not cover you then you may wish to visit www.insurastore.com who specialises in insurance for self-storage.

How often can I access my goods?2021-12-22T15:12:24+00:00

We understand that when it comes to storage, often people need access outside of normal working hours. That is why we provide secure 24 hours access for our customers, so that you can access your personal self-storage unit at a time convenient for you.

Can I store someone else’s items?2021-12-22T15:11:52+00:00

Yes, as long as the unit is rented in your name. You just need to make sure that the true worth of these items is reflected in your insurance value.

What can I store?2021-12-22T15:11:31+00:00

For the safety of all our customers and their goods, the following items cannot be stored unless previously agreed with us in writing:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Cash or securities
  • Explosives
  • Firearms or ammunitions
  • Gas canisters
  • Hazardous or toxic products
  • High value or extremely precious goods
  • Illegal goods
  • Live animals or plants
  • Pollutants, contaminated goods or waste
  • Perishable goods
  • Radioactive goods

This list is not exhaustive and may be updated without notice. Please refer to our printed Terms and Conditions.

Can a removal company deliver and collect my items if I’m not there?2021-12-22T15:11:06+00:00

Yes. If you’ve already signed your Storage Licence Agreement, you can arrange a removal company to deliver or collect your items for you. 

You’ll need to authorise the removal company to access your unit first, with both us and the removal company itself. They’re then free to load your items in or out without you being present.

Will I be tied into a long term agreement?2021-12-22T15:09:34+00:00

No. Our minimum rental period is only one month. 

Notice period for cancelling the lease agreement is only 14 days in writing (excluding the first month).

How much does it cost to rent a storage container?2021-11-22T14:13:28+00:00

At StorageStorage Chesterfield we pride ourselves on offering affordable and competitive storage solutions for domestic personal self-storage.

The cost entirely depends on the size of the unit, and how long you are looking to lease the unit for. Use our handy storage guide to estimate the space you require.

You can request a quote online, by calling us directly on 07737 299107 or by making an appointment to view our facility.

What size unit do I need?2021-11-22T14:12:32+00:00

We have a price guide list to help you decide on the size you require but our staff will be more than happy to advise you personally. We will always try and find you the best unit to suit your needs.

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