Commercial Document Self-Storage

Who said the digital paperless office would remove the need for printed documents? Document storage is a vital part of a successful business – almost every task within the HR administrative sphere has some paperwork linked to it whether that is digital or not. Digital documents are easy enough to store with computer drives but what can you do with the bulky pieces of paper that take up your office space? From being GDPR compliant to keeping records and receipts for HMRC, being a paperless office is nothing but a fallacy.

So what do we do with these endless reams of paper which we must keep for years? Storage Storage Ltd has the answer for you: commercial document self-storage within our commercial internal and container units.

Pros of using document self-storage

What are the benefits of using a commercial document self-storage facility for storing your documentation off-site?

Clutter-free environment. Keep your office space clean, tidy and productive. Nobody likes to work in a messy office and think about what your customers may think when they visit, first impressions are lasting.

Increased security for your business data. With 24hr monitored CTV, floodlit areas and intruder detection systems, you can rest assured that your documentation is safe and secure.

Better organisation and access. No more searching high and low within your office, worried because you think it might have been chucked away. With super-efficient organisational skills, you will know exactly where your documents are, and with 24/7 access available, your documents are easy to get to at any time.

Saves you money – If you no longer need storage space within your office then you can consider downsizing and reducing the cost of renting office space, offsetting a fraction to cover the lower cost of a commercial self-storage unit.